Personalised Promotional Gifts
Printed with a message or logo

Personalised Gifts – Get your name across

Personalised Gifts – Get your name across 

Yes, it may seem like a yet another over the top headline. But it’s a fact.  All charities, businesses large and small, schools, universities, government departments, sports clubs, fundraisers need to communicate their message. 

This may seem like an obvious statement.  Whether it’s a charity raising awareness, or funds, a business promoting its self. They all need to be visible.  They all need to advertise, yes that dirty word. If nobody promoted their wares or message how would they sell anything, how would anyone Know who they were or what they did.  Anonymity is not an option.  In business we all buy off each other, we make a profit, and use this profit to pay wages, overheads and obtain growth.  If we do not buy from each other then the wheelof business stops turning. Sales are the driver.  

From the person door knocking to the window cleaner, sales rep on the road to the shop assistant or the eCommerce sales adviser. They are all selling or promoting their message if you prefer.  

If you had never heard of them, how could you think to use them.  More than that how do you get them to remember you. Repeat business is more cost effective  than  to finding a new customer for every sale. 

Far from being the enemy sales are the key economic ingredient they make everything work. 

Yet sales on its own would be nothing without a plan. That’s where marketing comes in. Marketing is the tool box which delivers all the communication materials. 

As a business, charity, Government department or whatever you firstly need to get your message or logo across then just as importantly you need to be remembered. 

The larger your sales and marketing budget is the easier it is to achieve this. 

There are many alternatives and routes to follow. 

Television Advertising 

Radio Advertising 

Hoardings and bus sides 

Posters, leaflets, 

Direct mail 

Google AdWords 


Email Advertising 

Social Media Face Book Twitter 

All of the above work very well and our measurable. Yet are very expensive and have to be repeated over and over again in order that their message is not forgotten.  In the same way that Tesco advertises itself on TV over and over again. It’s simply reinforcing its name and brand. 


There are alternatives, which arguably cost less, disseminate a message, delivers repeat business and builds brand. 

If you do not have a major marketing budget and even if you do,  

Don’t overlook the power of personalised promotional items and gifts. By this we mean products which you wear or use every day printed with your message or logo. 

The NO 1 reason people do not give you their trade is that they can’t remember who you are. You may have only just spoken to them on the phone. At that moment they did not have a need for your products’ or service. The following day they develop a need yet cant remember your name let alone company details. You may say that you have left your card or sent a company brochure in the post. My moneys on that they both ended up in the bin. 

So, what can you give them that will carry their message or logo, and will be retained? 

Simple, something useful that’s free with a perceived value. We all like a free gift. It delivers a feelgood factor something for nothing. 

Gifts are that they are personalised with your logo but at the same time are practical so that they will not be thrown away, but at the same time not so expensive that the recipient keeps the gift at home in fear of losing it.  You need it on them or around them for the point in which they need to recall you message or logo. 

There are thousands of useful promotional gifts to choose from. All dependent on budget and what you are trying to achieve or communicate. 

The simplest and most budget friendly are pens and keyrings. These are low cost very handy and always retained. Obviously, there are more expensive pens and keyrings, however the more expensive the gift the more likely it is to live at home. 

Office items are always great personalised gifts such as mouse mats, coasters, sticky notes, note pads, rulers, calculators, staplers and many more.  

The bestselling office gifts must be personalised printed ceramic mugs. Everyone likes a brew. A new addition to the drink wear range are Travel Mugs. Keeping your favorite drink hot or cold once again branded with your logo. Most Travel Mugs have a lid, helping out in those delicate spillage situations 

Other favorite office gifts are power banks, USB memory sticks, hi-lighters, mint tins. 

Office gifts are usually sent out in the post or given in person by a sales representative. 

Exhibitions are still a very popular platform to sell your wares to prospective customers.  yet again it’s important that a prospect leaves with a free personalised gift with a message or logo on.  Often forgotten at exhibitions are all the brochures given out to visitors. After a while you can always see a weary visitor weighed down by the weight of all the catalogues. In the past they would be offered a printed carrier bag. In the environmentally friendly climate, a great alternative is a cotton tote bag. Once again, they are printed with your logo. Always welcomed when your arms are exhausted from holding all the catalogues. 

Conferences and events are also an important communication point after all by definition they exist to promote a theme, message etc. Great conference gifts include conference bags, folders, lanyards, pens, pads. Even umbrellas, goodie bags. Often stewards at these events will wear an identifier such as a T-shirt,  


Corporate event days can take many forms, from a golf day to open day or a staff barbecue. To make the day memorable free gifts and identifiers are an essential. If it’s a golf day tees and golf ball can be printed, umbrellas provided, barbecues or open days may need branded balloons and bunting, even printed table cloths. 


Uniforms and work-wear are a great example promoting a brand. The Armed forces have a uniform, schools do too, so do delivery companies, nurses, firemen, police. The list is endless. A uniform delivers a brand. I am wearing this as I am proud to belong to this company, school this establishment.  Therefore, you can trust my service. Printed or embroidered with an emblem or logo these are not classed as promotional gifts but do make up part of the communication cycle. 

Where do we come in. Adgiftdiscounts offer the same products as many of our competitors at a lower price. How do we do this without compromising on quality or service simple. We print in-house.  Most personalised printed gifts company’s buy their products from the same manufactures as our selves. They then send them to a specialist printer to personalise them. So, two lots of mark-ups. By printing in-house, we effectively cut out the middlemen. So only one mark up. 

Same products, same print, same quality service, lower prices.  Our sales team have vast experience in offering ideas and advise on what’s best for what event. 

As 80% of our business is repeat, we pride ourselves on building relationships.  

If you want the personal touch you know where we are.