Its In the Bag – The cotton Bag

Its In the Bag – The cotton tote Bag

One of the most useful personalised promotional gifts has always been a carrier bag. Whether at the shops, an exhibition, student fair etc a cheap bag always comes in handy. In the environmentally climate we now know that throw away bags are a thing of the past especially if the are made or none degradable plastic.

Cotton tote bags are the new have bag item. Under the name of cotton shoppers, tote bags, or cotton carriers as long as they are made of cotton they are good for the environment. These promotional bags can be personalised and printed with your logo or where ever message you want to project.

They are available in many colours and thicknesses which of course effects the price. A you only get what you pay for.

And if you pay a little extra there is a fair trade version available.

At adgiftdiscounts we have a massive range of promotional bags all personalised and printed  to your specification.

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