The Workplace

Working  here feels like we have a bestowed building for a working print shop. The building is  a recycled old social club, which would have been dormant had it not been for the enterprising development of the business owners. As you imagine with any art class/ workshop feel. There is bustle of creativity and many coloured inks at a passing glimpse.

The quirky creative, comfortable work space I work in. Is probably about the closest thing you can get to working from your own home in a creative atmosphere. A huge garden out the back with paved area, so is great for payday barbecues in the summer.

The office I work in, beats a plain old desk, so if you have the willpower to actually get some work done whilst sitting next to the office dog, Promo Dog. I just sit here in the afternoon and one of the family daughters has come home from school. There is truly family vibe here.

The desks in the offices have laptops and VoIP system. The company  I work for truly moves with the cloud and the times. Although you can see this is promotional gift company with pens, bags , caps and drinks bottle, lanyards dotted about.

screen 300x130 - The Workplace

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